Charlie Gaynor lives in Washington, DC and was born in in Kansas City, Misouri


My interest in photography was launched at the University of Kansas where I graduated with a degree in Fine Arts, specializing in Commercial Art. I attended the Army’s Photo School (there were no painting classes available) at Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey, and was honor graduate of my class. The Army rewarded me with a ticket to participate in Vietnam...luck was with me and I served the next 15 months as General Creighton Abrams personal photographer.

Washington DC is where my Army career ended in 1971 and I soon began work as a photographer at PHOTRI, a stock photo agency based in Virginia, with markets all over the world. During this time, I took a color printing course somewhere in Clarksville, Md...learning to print Cibachrome prints. This opened the door to thinking of my photography as fine art. From this time on I continued to take photographs everywhere I went, spending long hours printing my own color images in the bathroom of my one bedroom apartment. Eventually, I left the photo business to first work in hotel management followed by my present career as a Realtor. 

I left print film after 9/11 when traveling with bags of film was too risky of arriving intact thru airports. I was skeptical of digital cameras until one trip to Key West where I took many images of weathered white picket fences against white walls...when I had these printed and saw the detail of the white on white down to the brush strokes I was sold and have been digital ever since. In May of 2006, I attended The Ultimate Travel Photographer’s Workshop in Paris, France which was sponsored by the American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI).

Over the years, I have continued taking photographs for my own creative soul. I think of my style as that of ‘found objects’. When traveling or just exploring Washington DC, I spend my off creative time walking around the environment I am in...I see things, study what interests me and aim my camera to preserve this ‘found’ image. What makes me interested is color first or it may just be the play of light. I have been told that my work looks like a collage. Once I was asked if it was clip art!  I am not offended in the least.  I walk down the street, see something of interest and get it in the rectangular 35mm format and record it in a fraction of a second. If a viewer thinks I have somehow manipulated the image...fantastic!

For the past thirty-one years, selling Real Estate has been my business interest... Photography is my passion. I hope you enjoy my point of view.


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